Vacation '00 - Road Trip to sunny California

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Day 6 - September 6, 2000 - CA

We spent the day driving down CA Route 1 down to San Diego.

Some views from CA Route 1.  This was an excellent drive, as we got to see experience a lot of California's coastal beauty.  Some of the twisty-turny roads also provided a playground for our Vette to test its excellent suspension.
We also ate breakfast by the coast at Whale Watcher's.
The drive through LA was an experience.  Nice Smog :-(

Day 7,8,9 - September 7,8,9, 2000 - CA

We spent these days with Cindy, Jamie and our new God-Daughter Madison.  Jamie and Pat even played some PlayStation while the girls did all that Girl-Talk.  Thanks, guys, for having us over.  The cook-out was great!

Day 10 - September 10, 2000 - CA

We spent today with Bob Turner and his family.  It was nice to catch up with Bob after first meeting him via e-mail over the Internet.  Here's the C3, C5 and C4 line-up.  We enjoyed a great cook-out, thanks guys! We couldn't fit any more Corvettes in the driveway :-(

Day 11 - September 11, 2000 - CA

We are on our way back to the East Coast.  We decided to stay overnight in Las Vegas.  We got a Jaccuzzi room at the Luxor, a pyramid shaped hotel.  Really enjoyed our first night in Vegas, but didn't gamble much.

You can see the Luxor and the room we stayed in.  The last shot is the inside of the hotel.  The elevator (or inclinator) travels up, and sideways - very disorienting but interesting!

You can see "The Strip," the NY NY hotel which really looks like NY, and the Bellagio, which had great entertainment - a water show set to music!

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