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Spring Skyline Drive Corvette Cruise

Most of us at Brookside.  Thanks to 90PoloRoadster (Ray) for this pic!

Many CorvetteForum Members rallied for an exciting event on Skyline
Drive in Virginia.  I had the chance to meet several other great Forum
folks.  Be sure to visit CorvetteForum.com for future events!

dscf0097.jpg dscf0098.jpg dscf0099.jpg dscf0100.jpg dscf0101.jpg
dscf0102.jpg dscf0103.jpg dscf0104.jpg dscf0105.jpg dscf0106.jpg
dscf0107.jpg dscf0108.jpg dscf0109.jpg dscf0110.jpg dscf0111.jpg
dscf0112.jpg dscf0113.jpg dscf0114.jpg dscf0115.jpg dscf0116.jpg
dscf0117.jpg dscf0118.jpg dscf0119.jpg dscf0120.jpg dscf0121.jpg
dscf0122.jpg dscf0123.jpg dscf0124.jpg dscf0125.jpg dscf0126.jpg
dscf0127.jpg dscf0128.jpg dscf0129.jpg dscf0130.jpg dscf0131.jpg
dscf0132.jpg dscf0135.jpg dscf0137.jpg dscf0138.jpg dscf0139.jpg
dscf0140.jpg dscf0141.jpg
Above Pics courtesy of Pat and Lori.

Click here for an AVI movie of Corvettes driving by (size = 4.2MB).

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