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My 97vette on the showfield.

There were about 5000 Corvettes at Carlisle on the 26th of August.

Kermit was there!
This was the "Fox" on CorvetteForum.com -- Hey Pat, You got a picture of my car! The one with Kermit sitting in the C4. Too bad that you didn't have audio because Kermit is actually saying, "Hey look at that awsome yellow C5, up on top of the hill just to the left of the yellow C3 and that group of people. Man that thing rules!"

So were a lot of 35th and 40th anniversary editions.

Here's a Lingenfelter Twin Turbo.


Lot's of different C5's were on hand.

Here's the Corvette's at Carlisle official pace car.

And, here's Troy and Matt from CorvetteForum.com

And many more forum members right before our group picture.

And, finally, the group picture courtesy of Troy Roberts. That's me (in the middle of the picture) with the C5 emblem on the middle of my white T-shirt.

Then, we left.  Traffic wasn't bad at all. But my arm was tired from all that waving!


Updated 8/26/2000